Calm the Beast

My grandpa was amazing, staring his live on the bald prairie living in a teepee and finishing his life in a growing city. I can’t imagine the range of experiences the things he seen changed and the things that were for worse and for better. My Grandpa was a simple man he worked hard, he was no saint but in the end life seemed to have figured itself out for him. Most of his life he worked hard labour was a faller and a janitor, he worked very hard.

My memories of my grandpa are of a man who was quiet and introspective who enjoyed a hearty laugh. I loved to hear him laugh. In large groups I remember grandpa sitting on the sidelines watching he was the strong silent force a rock a person you could be with and know all was right with the world.

This man my Grandpa had no formal education no training per se. He went out and he did. Thankfully a good role model for me. To this day I admire my Grandpa did he do it right probably not did he do it yes. I attribute many of my abilities to get through life to my Grandpa. He and I were fascinated with the simple and the profound. I collected rocks I still do my grandpa brought me some most excellent specimens that I still carry around and will until I die.

We both loved nature and trees. My grandpa was a faller a person who cut down trees for a living I can see him saying a prayer for each one and thanking the tree for the wood that it was giving up. I remember a story he told. My grandpa was cutting down a BIG cedar tree great big and as the tree went over a mamma bear and her cubs popped up out of the tree trunk. Thankfully drowsy from hibernation and unable to pursue my grandpa in his quick retreat.

I credit my spiritually to my grandpa. My religion I still struggle with but because of the experiences I’ve had with my grandpa I know there is something else something beyond this life. I just know it. Knowing there is something else something outside myself gives me hope and has seen me through many a bad day.

I credit my intelligence and mental discipline to grandpa as well. Grandpa loved to play cards and I’d often hound him to teach me. He’d never sit me down and teach me but he’d challenge me to watch and learn. This forced me one to stop running around, two to actually calm my mind and focus on the cards and three learn the game. Through simple apprenticeship approaches I learned to think to analyze and to be quick about it. My most found memories of the time with my grandpa are playing cribbage he was very good but more importantly it was wonderful fun and a great connection with someone of profound importance in my life.

Grandpa and I never discussed disability through him I came to understand that we all have a struggle on this earth we are all here for a reason. He seemed to know when life was getting me down but we’d just sit down and play cards or watch a western and all was right with the world again.

One of the best memories I have of grandpa is him chasing butterflies in his garden. Apparently the butterflies were eating everything. It was wonderful to watch an old man jumping around with a net trying to shoo the butterflies away.

In the end I attribute my work ethic my intelligence and my mental discipline such as they all are to grandpa and the magic wondrous moments we share together in this world. Perhaps in the next world we will share a good laugh and a game of cards and watch a western on TV if we can find one. Grandpa was Metis he wasn’t indian and he wasn’t white he also had to live in two worlds. I learned to gain any kind of acceptance in any world since you don’t belong in any of them is to work hard and live with character and integrity. Grandpa could always be trusted and he was always respected. I hope that is how I’m remembered.

In the end is life that simple work hard, work to overcome adversity, focus on the positive, keep moving forward, take the time to smell the flowers enjoy the tress, and admire a rock every now and then. Maybe.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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