Biggest Loser



Who are your hero’s? Who were the people or persona’s that you looked up to when you were growing up? Its hard right now for everyone. Standards of living are changing, salaries are under pressure, taxes are going up, food costs more. Growing up in Canada I was enthralled with hockey loved it breathed it. The players were my hero’s the great teams were my heroes!!!


The best hockey I personally witnessed was the rivalry between the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames. These were some of the best games I’ve ever seen played by some of the best teams I’ve looked up to. Lanny McDonald has always been someone I’ve looked up to his character and passion for the game itself and the most importantly the fans and the communities themselves. I’d love to grow up and be able to give back like Lanny. I loved the Canada / CCCP series world changing.

The first NHL strike really disillusioned me. Its hard for me to get my head wrapped around someone making exponentially more than me bitching and moaning about the money they make. I understand the future is uncertain when you’re a professional athlete and I recognize that a person needs to plan for their future their family and their retirement, regardless of their health. I get it.

How much does a person make in their lifetime? The average household income in Canada is around seventy-thousand dollars per year with two adults working. So lets assume that this couple will work for forty years, over that time that average couple will make three million, one hundred and twenty-thousand dollars. We could complicate the equation with cost of living adjustments etc but the trend of that number is down. According to the internet and the internet is always right, well anyway the average NHL player makes two million four hundred thousand dollars a year. Since were talking about Joe average Canadian and Joe average hockey player the is well average. Regardless the average Joe hockey player has to play for one point three years to make what Joe average Canadian couple makes in a professional lifetime. Lets me fair it we are comparing two average Canadians Joe and Jain. To be fair it would take the average Joe hockey player seven months and two weeks to make what average Joe or Jain Canadian make in their professional lifetime. Joe and Jain are raising kids paying taxes and paying for average Joe hockey player.

Average Joe hockey player only has to work for half a year to make what I make in a lifetime. I average Joe Canadian have to pay for average Joe hockey player when I go to the game go to the pub, and I have to pay my taxes, raise my kids and plan for retirement.

Average Joe hockey player or for that matter average Joe owner I have absolutely no sympathy for you and how for he second time you are bickering about how to split up the exponentially more money that you will earn that I could ever imagine. Is there any consideration for the kids for the communities for the fans. What leadership are you showing to the rest of us, none? What are you committed to brining to my community my country the world, none? What values are you demonstrating to the kids, none?

I’m sorry average Joe hockey player in my adult life you have gone from being someone I’d look up to, to someone I detest. You disgust me. Don’t worry I know your overpaid ego will never darken my door but for some reason if the opportunity ever presents itself. Just keep walking you are now the biggest loser I’ve ever seen.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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