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Hiring me with my disability is expensive.    Once I have successfully made it through the hiring process getting me in and productive is an investment.

Currently I use:

  •   45 Inch Monitor
  •   Kurzweil 3000
  •   ZoomText
  •   QuickScan Pro
  •   Canon Scanner
  •   EV Jordi
  •   EV Merlin
  •   EV Maxport
  •   Herman Miller Aeron Chair
  •   Microsoft Laser Mouse
  •   Kinesis Keyboard
  •   Tissot Silen-T Watch
  •   White cane
  •   Filters

These items are very expensive somewhere in the tune of $20,000.00.   This is to get me productive.

Then there are the process accommodations and ways I can and can’t collaborate communicate and work.

I can’t collaborate over a document or a laptop.  Its very difficult for me to contribute to a meeting if I haven’t seen the document beforehand.  I have been fired out of positions because of this alone.   I don’t appear to be paying attention because I’m not taking notes or not looking at the speaker.   I’ve been fired for this as I don’t need to look I listen and I can’t read my own writing so taking notes is useless.    If you expect me to read a document or book or manual I need some lead time. Otherwise its not happening. Keeping a job is problematic.

Being employed and being openly disabled is a pain in the bum.    There is the problem of getting the job.   I spent over eight months looking for a job.   Then I had to expand my geographic search for a job.  Then I had to lower my expectations for a job.   Then there is the problem of being enable to do the job getting the equipment just to do the job.   Then there is keeping the job and dealing with the cultural and individual discrimination of the employer and working with a disabled person.

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About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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