No Accommodation Necessary

After all of my bitching and moaning about being back in Alberta, Canada I think I can finally articulate what is pissing me off. There is talk of accommodation but no consideration for what works for me. Only what works for others, or only what is the cheapest for the company. I am expected to hide and manage my disability to accommodate those around me.

In Seattle, In the US I was spoiled apparently by the attitude of “Realizing Your Potential”. In Alberta its what have you done for me lately and it sucks to be you if you can or can’t do something. You’re on your own. I am beginning to understand why I was a liar. Why I grew up feeling bad about myself feeling like I had to hide my disability to be “acceptable”.

Central and southern Albertans, they make you hide your disability and hide behind the, “high functioning” banner. See your not really blind you can do this and that. We’ll that may or may not be true, however I am blind and there are things I can do sometimes and not others. I’m not a square peg, much more of an orthogonal triangle or something. I don’t fit in round or square hole, and quit banging on me I will never fit in the hole. O.K.

Central and Southern Alberta seem to expect you to do it their way or hit the highway. I often go to Edmonton as I can breath there and don’t feel expected to be something I’m not, but worse can’t be.

I have lived with my disability for over forty years. I have some expertise in the matter. I know what works and what doesn’t work for me. Instead I’m running up against. “Well its not our standard”, or “isn’t there something free or cheaper?”. Ahhhhhhh

In my jobs since i’ve been back from the US I’ve not been accommodated. They flap their gums and go on and on how its their duty their responsibility. Well, when it comes down to shit or get off the pot. The ass is running down the road. I really didn’t mean that accommodation stuff you can understand can’t you. That your functional enough for me. Its too expensive, its not our standard it doesn’t fit with what we do, it doesn’t work with this or that.

I have been told that although I’m blind I’m not an expert in blindness or disability. After living the social-economic, family disruption / destruction, love life impacting, friend impacting, education, professional implications I would argue that no really I am an expert.

I’ve read articles in the local news that bullying is O.K.. Like man up princess, get over your bad self. When the going gets touch the touch get going. They don’t protect those that are on the fringe or marginalized. I can so understand why people won’t talk about anything. Man if it isn’t mainstream your a threat, and they’ll actively beat you down.

If you different your marginal, discriminated against. Even the system here has that attitude that if a person is deemed “functional” then they aren’t disabled, no accommodation necessary. Well no not really. My functionality is so dependent on my accommodations that I am violently disagreeing.

Everyone here feels entitled to judge to level to evaluate you and your disability and decide for you which accommodations you might get if your a good little blind boy and don’t use that white cane and don’t tell anyone your blind. After all you might embarrass us or make us feel uncomfortable.

I’ve been reminded this week. Your not disabled enough to need anything any accommodation. You have the responsibility to accommodate us and man up. Well I’ll do what I can but I’m looking for a new job again.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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