I hated gym I hated it all through school.  I ended up hating jocks.  Those SOB’s who do they think they are being able to do those things.    Who were those guys running down the track jumping those hurdles?   Man those things hurt….

Baseball runs in my family’s blood.  My dad played just below the majors and I have a number of cousins who played as well.   My one cousin played for the Canadian Olympic team, she is amazing!!   I tried baseball but realized very quickly it’s very dangerous when a ball is hit your way and you can’t see it until you feel it on your head.   I wonder sometimes if it broke my dad’s heart I couldn’t play.   Then my son refused to play after he was hit in the face the first three times he went to bat.   Enough was enough for him.   Then my nephew has ocular albinism as well and won’t play.  Sorry Dad.

I tried soccer but when the ball is coming right at me I can’t see it.   Volleyball is fun but the kick in the head when I was diving for the ball put me off the sport.   Badminton, Tennis, racket sports, all out.    I tried but either the ball when I hit it goes way out of the court or my opponents end up fearing for their life.  This big blind guy chasing the ball running down the little friend opponent, not good.   Thanks to you Larry for trying you’re truly brave or…

I do like to bowl.   In Canada there is a 5 pin version of bowling with a smaller lighter ball.  In the US they have a 10 pin version with a BIG ball.   I love to play both games.   However going from 10pin bowling to 5pin bowling can be problematic.   Especially when you loft that poor little ball at the pins and it doesn’t touch the lane but bounces off the wall and the ceiling because you’ve just finished a 10pin game.  Oh and it hits the pins in a alley 3 lanes over.   My kids thought it was great.  So did I…

I love to cycle.   I don’t know why but cycling is easier than walking as far as navigating is concerned.   I love to ride my bikes.    My son and I would ride a tandem bike around the lake where we lived.   It was good fun and I truly enjoyed it even when he put his feet up to enjoy the ride.

I love to run.  I lost a ton of weight and running was a big part of that.   I actually ran a marathon finished in 4 hours and 45 minutes, fantastic experience.   I will be doing more.  The best comment was my friend Ralph after I finished saying to me point blank, “I think you’re nuts”.

While training for the marathon I’d run and my kids would ride their bikes with me.   It was absolutely fantastic to have the time with them.

I love to swim.   I failed pre beginners when I was a kid trying to take the Red Cross swimming lessons.    It’s hard to do something you can’t see.   Go figure.   I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn with my kids.   We had our own instructor and it was great fun.   My kids would get distracted and mess around every now and then but hay.   We all learned our swimming stokes.

I competed in a sprint marathon and had a blast.   I started out with the swim and even after swimming the wrong way finished with my starting group.  I finished what more can you ask for.

My goal is to run three full marathons in a year and I want Iron.   I want to do an Iron Man Triathlon.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the end I became an athlete.   Sorry jocks I’m one of you after all.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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