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The internet has made available to me everything I could ever want.  I have purchased almost everything off of the web even a house.     I did have a trusted friend confirm the property was what I would want but I hadn’t seen it before the deal was closed.

I Love Shopping Podcast
Malls in a sick way have become the town squares, the main streets of the present.   Where you would go for community and connection you now go to the mall.   The unfortunate thing about the stores at the mall is they are designed to get you in and make it very hard for you to get back out.    You have to see as much of their wares as possible before being allowed back out of the store.  Increasing the likelihood that you will be leaving behind some cash.

The other thing about malls is it’s not really easy to meet people and build a sense of community.    I’m coming to the conclusion you only find community now in your specific activities or profession.  Replaced are the town square and the parlor experiences.   Its concerning actually that people find connection on-line. Where there is the risk that the person may not be what they say they are.

Finally malls are exhausting dangerous places.    Being blind and navigating in a mall is a ton of work.    Avoiding racks and people even with a guide dog or a cane can be onerous.     Then there is the problem of finding what you’re looking for.   I have my favorite stores where I have invested the energy in knowing what they have and where to find it.   I generally gravitate to stores with excellent customer service as a pair of eyes is invaluable when you’re looking for something.   Or after you’ve found something finding the configuration, the size, the color, you want.

On the internet I can search for something in general terms then through the search.  I educate myself and then focus the search.    Ultimately finding exactly what I’m looking for.   Ordering is quick and easy with on-line payment.  Then presto the thing shows up at your door depending on how much you want to pay to get it fast.    The price isn’t always best but the accessibility of the experience is awesome.     I can look at things as they are on my screen.   I can order the thing.  Then the thing ultimately shows up at my door.

The savings for me in energy, safety, logistics, sometimes dealing with public perception are profound.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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