Six Months and Still Babbling

WOW Its been six months since I started WWW.BlindManCan.COM. Its been fun. The comments have been interesting. I know people are reading the blog. The biggest theme is why don’t you describe more of what you’ve learned or tell more about how you felt in your blog posts. I want more.

Six Months and Still Babbling Podcast

I’ve realized that with anything its the journey that is important. I’m really not sure what the destination is. The journey of writing this blog has shown me that I need to express what I’m thinking at the time. After I’ve written about a topic then I can dive deeper into it. There are really somethings that I am not likely to share. None of your beeswax I’m afraid.

What does it all mean is that for me I am driving self awareness and clarity around what I think and feel about my disability. If your getting value out of my journey I am so happy. I know from the response that I have had impact. People will at least have another perspective to consider for their own situation. Or horror of horrors someone is actually learning something new!! That would be wonderful though.

You may or may not disagree I’m a better writer now then I was six months ago. I started out writing with a very light humorous style. I may gravitate more to less humorous styles. If I can slip a smile in I will I promise. I am working to be clearer and more expressive of what I’m trying to say. Rather than try to be humorous about it.

Recently I’ve been renovating the blog. I’m doing the podcasts. Learning a new skill voice acting. Its been great. I take my own writing and read it. Express, “what was I thinking?”. Reading and performing what you write is very educational. I’m learning to improve my writing ability and clarity of message.

I’ve reworked some of the early blog posts as I thought they were not representative of what I was trying to express. Others I’ve left. I want to continue to show the progress. The journey is what is important.

As always your feedback is most welcome and appreciated.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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