I now know why they call it a depression. Deep recession, recession, global economic disaster whatever. I’m going to call it a depression. We are not out of this thing yet. I don’t care what spin the governments are putting on things. Call me the crazy man yelling the sky is falling. We are in a train wreck. O.K. the engine crashed and burned but the train is still crashing. Things might be looking better on the front end of the train but the rest of the train needs to finish its cycle of crash and burn and restart.

Its amazing how hard these times are on people… Tears you down to your roots back to what is ultimately important to you. You have to determine what you are and what you are about. When you are letting go and letting go of your possessions you are determining what should I keep and why. How will I get the money next month to pay the bills. I’ve learned never to ask if it can get worse. It Can.. There are things i had that I worked a lifetime for and I’ve had to let them go just to keep going. Its hard. At the end of the day though its just stuff.

Last year when my contract ended. I never really knew what it meant to be broke. I’ve found new levels of broke since. It was an amazing process what do you keep paying for. Health care, cellular, food, rent, transportation. My conclusion is cellular is the last thing to go. If a potential employer can’t get in touch with you then what’s the point of the job search. It is humbling not being in a position for the first time in your life to pay your way to pay your bills.

I pray everyday. I pray that my family will remain healthy and not get injured. I pray we will make it out of this mess.

Recently I’ve begun to feel the winds of change. Things are looking better for me. I now have a cluster of interviews. More than I’ve had my entire job search. I have been averaging 1 face to face interview a month. I’ve had 7 in the past 5 days. Fingers crossed.

Its really helped to be contributing again. I’ve been working for free for a friend of mine. Its made a big difference in my outlook on life and how I’m feeling about me and my future. I’m honing my skills and learning new ones. I’m writing things and expanding on idea’s that I’d never have been able to work on. Its fun and rewarding. Amazing how much better it sounds talking to a recruiter when you have a story to tell of what you are doing. Being depressed and sitting around isn’t going to help. Go and volunteer.

Patience perseverance. Keep working the network keep talking to people connecting to people. Most of the job possibilities I have now are from people phoning me because they know I’m looking for work. I’ve finally tapped into the hidden job market. Now its time to convert something.

The sun is always shining!!! Somedays its just harder to see!!

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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