They Didn’t Even Ask

I’ve been looking for work now for eight months. Recently I’ve had a cluster of interviews in Canada and in the USA. Its so wild my recent trip to Alberta for interviews. I went with four confirmed interviews and added three more while I was there. Busy couple of days. I came away with only one offer. Scary. Things are still very slow out there.

This has been my first job search while being open about my blindness. Its been very tough. I’ve not mastered the techniques for being competitive in the USA. I’ve just received another NO from my US job search. NO NO NO many number NO’s. I’m bummed. I feel totally like the under the bus guy. The one they include in the interview process to make the real or pre determined or chosen one look better. I will get over these feelings though. Its so hard not to take any of this personally or blame it all on the blindness. I will grieve this NO and move on.

On the Seattle front there is well nothing. Not a thing. On the Alberta front there is a real job offer and two potentials maybes’ and a few more processes.

I enjoyed my interviews recently in Alberta out of seven meetings only one of the interviews asked about my vision. Only one and this person didn’t even ask me they asked the person who referred me for the position. It was so nice to not have to explain yes I can see. Oh yes I can see the two fingers your holding up. Yes I can do the job. I didn’t have to deal with any of this. Refreshing.

I’ve found with experience that the grass wasn’t really greener after all.

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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