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Being blind, being disabled, is expensive.    We all have certain costs for housing transportation, food, entertainment, clothing, etc..   From experience my costs are higher.    Having married an accountant I am not very aware of my expenses.

Money has always been a problem for me.   Really not that I don’t make enough of it which I’m sure anyone would say.  It’s the management of money.   I have never been able to deal with bank statements or spreadsheets.  Visually its painful looking at the rows and columns etc.  Process that kind of visual data is like having pins and needles stuck in my eyes.

When I was old enough to have significant others I had them manage it for me.   Do varying success.   I have had some that said oh baby I’m great at saving money and I’ll help you.  We’ll that didn’t work out.  I’ve had other blatantly steal from me.   Some siphoned for themselves, and some used my resources before touching their own.    Its not been a great solution.

A very cynical friend of mine offered up after I was divorced asking why on earth would want another princess in my life to take all my stuff.    I replied well after the divorce I’ve got nothing let to steal so I know she loves me and isn’t after any money I have / had.

I moved to Canada from the US recently and did an inventory of everything that I had when I originally moved from Canada to the US.   I have two polo shirts two pictures and a dollies.   No kidding.

There are many situations that are impacted by my disability in  the context of money.   Transportation is a huge one my transportation costs on a whole are usually 100% to 200% more than the average person.   Shopping is a problem as I can’t see the price tags on anything so I go with what I know.  My shopping habits cost on average 60% more than the average person for the same things.  Visual aid and accommodations is huge.   On average technical aids cost about three to five thousand a year.   When I am out and about and I get fatigued it’s a lot easier to eat out at fast food places unfortunately so there is a significant cost there.   When eating out I can’t see what’s on the menu bypassing the specials etc. so a variance cost is encored

Below is a table with my estimates based on my experiences with spending patterns.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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