Broken’s Parents

A disabled child, shocking abnormal, broken, unacceptable, shameful, sin….. Having a “broken” child is such a disappointment. What have I done, what could I have done differently. Why is God punishing me!! Why Why Why. Its like waking up Christmas morning anticipating that one thing that you’ve always wanted you’ve always desired then … Its blemished, Its imperfect. Its Broken. Its over forever.

The dream of the perfect family the white picket fence. The children of your brother or sister growing up and plying with your children. Your children playing baseball or swimming or dancing or going to university or being anything. Over. Hope Broken.

Friends, Family, Doctors, Preachers, Teachers being unhelpful. Telling you your child has to suck it up and your child is the problem. People trusted people telling you your child, Broken, will. be nothing has no hopes no future. People telling the child, Broken, they have no hope no future. Hope Broken

Hell on earth is living a stigma, hiding the truth lying. I lived in hell for the first half of my life. Lying hiding the fact that I am blind, yes I have sight but its like saying your skinny when clearly your are overweight. People somehow have felt better if I would say yeah its not a big deal I can see. The fact being I am blind. Its like saying you look skinny when indeed your are not you are clearly fat. I do have sight but the use of that sight is so specific so hard that indeed my blindness is defined by a capability to put a cup on the water and seeing the fish in the pond. Only by brief points in time when I have the experience of sight to perceive this world. The Truth

The Truth you have a wonderful child with hopes dreams and feelings. Mothers who get caught up in guilt and shame and punishment of themselves and ultimately, Broken. Worse disappointment that poisons Mother and Broken. Fathers who are ashamed their pride their machismo dinted damaged destroyed. Fathers who shun their child, Broken. Parents illusions of themselves their families their communities shattered. The Truth.

Disability blindness are not forbidden subjects they are not taboo. Everyone has an issue to deal with we all have a path to walk that is different. Just because I’m broken doesn’t mean I’m Broken. It means I’m as different and as unique as you are and I have and deserve the same chances and opportunities that you do. Out of the gate Broken does not deserve to be shunned shut out. Broken deserves every opportunity to experience the world to live Hope Restored.

Acknowledge the disability integrate it understand it. Live Love Understand!!! Get your head out of your ass Broken’s parents. Its not about you. Its about this wonderful child you chose to bring into this world. There is no mulligan there is no closet for mistakes. Deal with it, Grow Up, Adjust. Live. The universe, “God”, have given you the opportunity to show your character to show your stuff. Take it and fly or condemn you and your child, Broken, to Hell.

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About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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