You’re Not Blind

Historically people would believe I was blind because of the coke bottle bottom glasses I wore.   Yes the lenses were thick.    When high index lenses came out, which are very thin, then people didn’t know I am blind and most couldn’t guess.   Well there were a few.   That was in the days when I was a closet blind man.   Now I’m out.

Being out blind is fun.    My daughter and I get a kick out of people’s reactions; the people following the end of my white cane because there is a wheel, the dogs that go after the wheel on the white cane, the people that get tense and think I’m going to get hurt or worse hurt them.    My daughter and I were walking past a snotty restaurant and one patron in the big glass window facing the street which we were walking directly towards.  The patron watching me approach grabbed the sides of the table thinking I was going to walk right through the glass.   All of this according to my daughter who could be exaggerating, after all she is my daughter.

Being out blind is a lot easier.   The bus drivers are great and people are great and hugely helpful.    I no longer have to explain to angry parents why I knocked their kid over.  Now they get their own kids out of the way.    Actually I’ve never run over a little kid yet.

Being out blind is relaxing.  I don’t have to work as hard to navigate or to pretend I can see.

Being out blind is safer.  When I can’t see the color of a traffic light because I am identifying myself as blind drivers are better or at least understanding, when you accidently walk out in front of them when the light is the wrong color.

Being out blind is mischievous.    The white cane is fun.    I was in a linen store looking for bedding.   The particular set I was looking for was literally right in front of me.   My shopping partner when asked where the pattern was replied with “its right in front of you, what are you blind?”   The clerk who was listening nearby broke out laughing.    I tapped her leg with the cane on the way out, yes I can be a flirty tease.  Or if someone is in your way slowing you down you tap their heals with the cane and they literally jump out of the way.   I don’t do this often and often only do it accidentally.

Being out blind is entertaining.   Functional and physical capabilities are two different things.   Patterns are what it’s about and shapes and colors.    I get teased that I’m not blind because I can often pick out a pretty woman at 1000 yards but run into a light pole right in front of me.    Some would say I was distracted.    I walk down the street listening to my iPod and using my cane.   I get all kinds of weird looks and sometimes people will yell at me behind my back “YOUR NOT BLIND”.   I love it.

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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