How Do I Know Its You?

Do you really want to know how I identify people? Well, O.K. We’ll go through each one of the senses and I’ll let you know things that help me to know who you are.

This is a big one. I remember how someone smells and have found people from the wafting of their perfume. You can tell many things about a person from their smell. What they ate, what soap or shampoo they use, etc. I still smell my kids forehead why I don’t know. Apparently mothers can tell their kids by smell. Well so can I.

Well this one may be very personal but. Everyone has a taste as well. The chemistry of our sweat etc. I don’t think I’ll get to far into this one.

People have their sounds. People will make noises will they go along. Their breathing rhythm their walking pace, gate and sound. The shoes they generally wear. I had this one boss and when i’d hear the clicking of her heals coming down the hall I swear my blood pressure would go up fifty points. Conversely when I hear someone I want to see coming down the hall I’ll get excited with anticipation

There are people who can sneak up even on me. But they touch me in that particular way that I know who it is. Mom or Lover or Friend. I have this spot on my neck and my mom and my daughter are the only ones who know it. Well my aunt knows it as well.

A persons general shape, their silhouette is a big indicator or me. The colors they usually wear. Their hair. If you want me to totally walk by you get a hair cut. I’ll never know its you. When I’m walking around I go on percentages of certainty. I went to meet my fiance for lunch a few weeks ago and walked into her building. I encountered a woman, thank god she was a she, I was two milliseconds from grabbing hugging and kissing this woman. Sometimes I think he’s are she’s. The identification percentages were high. I didn’t hug this woman thankfully and all was well.

If I encounter you regularly I will be much better at recognizing you. If I don’t see you very much or haven’t seen you in a while its doubtful I would recognize you. Only if I was expecting to see you in a certain context would I be able to pick you out.

In the end the only thing I have is a probability or percentage of certainty that you are who I think you are until your within my positive identification circle of about three to five feet. If you get hugged out of the blue and get a big wet kiss from a total stranger just be as forgiving and understanding as you can be. A compliment on the kiss is always appreciated. I already know my hugs are sought after and highly prized.

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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