Stuck with a Sighted Person

I looked at my blog statistics the other day and one of the top searches where my blog comes up is “Stuck With a Blind Man”.   I had to laugh.  Sorry sighted woman.    I thought it was harsh.  Then  I thought about it.   I’ve often felt stuck with a sighted person in relationships.

In my love partners I don’t want someone who has unresolved mother issues who wants to take care of me.   I don’t want someone who is so down on themselves that they think I’m the only thing they can get.   I’m not the bottom of the barrel.  I don’t want a person who hates themselves.   I don’t want someone who is sex starved and figures I’m an easy target cause I’m not getting any I don’t want your sympathy.   I’m not an outlet for your unresolved issues or your guilt.

Your attitude towards me “being stuck” is a bigger handicap to you than any issues you might have in a relationship with me.

Being with any person is  a journey of discovery  If you are so shallow that you don’t think you can deal with diversity don;’t.   There are enough people out there who are focused on the superficial go nuts.

If you are a real person who knows yourself and loves yourself and are not involved with me because of your guilt or grief or obligation.   Then get ready for a ride of sublime and subtlety and life experience that a sighted man will never be able to give you.   Well not very many of them.

I’ve had my powers of love explained to me.  Its my focus.   I focus on you.  To me you are the world when I interact with you.  I can have real conversations about emotions and feelings and I recognize the world has more than six colors, and although I love sex, actually I love to make love, and so do you I’m not talking to you to jump your bones .   Although it’s a bonus.   But I’m married so to bad for you.

So if you’re thinking your stuck.  Look at yourself not your disabled or blind partner.  Chances are you have some baggage that needs to be left behind.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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