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Telling time has always been a pain. Analog watches have been hard to read and digital watches are generally too small. I was in the market for a BIG watch a few years ago and a friend of mine found that Tissot made a vibrating watch the Tissot Silen-T. At the time I was considering a GREAT BIG pilots watch with huge face.

Telling Time with the Tissot – T Podcast
The problem with telling time when you can’t see is that everyone knows your looking at your watch. Either you have it stuck in your face or its talking to you. There is no privacy. No O.K. I’m bored to tears when is this going to end in anonymity. Everyone knows your bored to tears.

When I first heard about the Tissot Silen-T I was immediately sold. The watch is wonderful. By just touching the face of the watch I could by using the bezel asa context tell the time. The Silen-T vibrates to indicate the time. One long vibration for the hour and short vibrations for minutes. The bezel is critical as it gives you the context to understand the vibrations to tell the time.

When I bought the watch initially I was doing many executive level presentations and the watch was brilliant and allowing me to pace my presentation without showing my audience what I was doing. It made for better pacing of my presentations. I have to admit there is many a meeting where the Silen-T has come in handy as well. They might know I”m bored but at least they don’t know I’m checking the time.

Ultimately I feel better not having to stick a watch in my face to tell time. Not vanity but practicality. I can now tell time without having to strain my eyes or letting the world know what I”m up to. Dignity really.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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