Angry Blindman


CNN has provided much inspiration for my writing recently. There was a headline recently about Obama in the context of the BIG oil spill. A lot of people want Obama to get mad and kick some butt. When your a member of a “group” of people be it a color creed or disability you are an ambassador. We are all ambassadors for the stereotype or communities we participate in. The problem with being an ambassador for a group of people or a segment of the population anything you do will paint the perception for the rest of the group.

Ambassador’s don’t get mad. They don’t lose their tempers or yell or get frustrated and cry. I am not the perfect ambassador. I talk openly about my disability when society expects me not to. I am outspoken when I’m supposed to be quiet. I sometimes get mad, yell, and swear.

I have been mad because of how I’m treated regarding my disability. When a car comes around the corner, and because the drivers time is more important than my life, drives through the intersection as I’m starting to cross and nearly hits me. When some fool is yelling at my wife to get out of the way while I’m paying a bill, because if she moves I won’t be able to find her. When I’m waiting for a bus and a man and woman step over my white cane to step in front of me to get on the bus. When someone kicks my white cane out of the way and says something off-handed and I get mad. If I yell at that person. Even If I should get mad at that person. I will be viewed in a bad light. Not only will I be viewed in a bad light but anyone who is visually impaired or blind will be painted with, “Oh those people they’re all like that!!!”.

I endeavour to be a good ambassador for disabled and blind people. I am also human and sometimes I will need to step away so I don’t yell at you. When I’m over my emotion I’ll deal with you and whatever issue we need to resolve. I can respect why Obama doesn’t get mad. In the end it really doesn’t buy you anything. It might seem to feel good in the moment but ultimately getting mad will make things worse. I have learned through age and experience that talking, not yelling or much worse fighting will get the job done as well as it can be done.

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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