Not a topic I’ve talked about yet, “Sex”. We’’ll yes as far as I know and from my own experience yes Blind People have sex, and like it, occasionally love it and “NO” I didn’t go blind from inappropriately touching myself.

I’m not going to comment on the dark side of sexuality and pornography. Other than to say anyone exploited, forced, coerced, manipulated, sold, into sexuality of any kind is profoundly wrong. I’m all for the most severe punishments. On the other hand what two consenting adults decide is really up to them.

Its always been curious to me that I’m not really affected or interested in pictures or video of people naked or depicting some sexual act. Yes, during my life I have been exposed to these materials, but for me personally once you take the imagination and the brain, or your intelligence, out of it. Sex is lame and boring. Its like being at the zoo and watching the monkeys do their thing. I personally am a fan of “intelligent” erotica, usually stories written by woman for woman. Men are often too crass for my tastes to quick to get to the gory act and dripping details. Woman tend to offer more of the context, the seduction and foreplay as apposed to jumping right into the act. Woman are much more interesting in their descriptions of the act, more intelligent.

Recently there was an article in the newspaper, follow the following link:–for-those-who-can

The newspaper article was about a 3D book of erotica for blind people. There was an urban myth that I thought was true that Playboy produced a version of their magazine where you could feel the playmates attributes. Playboy does produce a braille version of their magazine, or at least they did. I don’t read braille. Back to the book in the article. Lisa J Murphy produced a book where you could feel the models attributes. I have to admit yes I am curious and I’ve asked my friends to buy me a copy. A blind man can’t been seen buying smut after all. Just kidding but the book is a bit of an investment at over two hundred Canadian dollars.

Human sexuality is an amazing complex thing. With love compassion honesty and understanding it can be wonderful. The dark side is what the dark side is. Disabled, visually impaired and blind people believe it or not are sexual beings just like everyone else. I knew of a person who had statues of the human form, this person was blind, the application and appreciation of the status is obvious I hope. How ingenious, really. People with disabilities are sexual and have healthy sex lives, with a little creativity sometimes but things work out in the end.

I am convinced that Blind Men make better lovers. Also if you happen across a copy of the book send me one please.

The book is available at:

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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