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Unintended Consequences

I’ve observed for many years how our mutual respect and then regard have all deteriorated into fear, suspicion and discord. COVID has as part of its impact on lives impacted how we regard each other. COVID has put us all at odds.
With variants still circling the globe and patterns of impact mimicking wave 1 and wave 2 of the pandemic do we let our guard down? Do we have a choice, people are so tired of being couped up, house bound, almost under house arrest? I am tired of being isolated and confined and conversely scared to come out and engage again. Its going to be a process for all of us.

There is so much discussion on what is the truth that the truth has been totally lost. I’ve heard from friends that in parts of the world the pandemic is over and we in North America have handled it wrong. The conspiracy theories regarding vaccines and microchips and magnetism.

There are those that are vaccinated and those that aren’t vaccinated. In some cases we don’t have choices there are or will be vaccine passports and venues or business or individuals have to set their own COVID policies around gathering and masks. We all seem to be scared and angry. There are those that are vaccinated or not that are angry at each other for wearing or not wearing masks, or taking or not taking pro-cautions.

Sadly its coming across like we are trying to impose our point of view on each other. Personally there are per-cautions that I want to continue, selfishly for my own health and the health of those in my bubble but I don’t want to be a spreader if your not vaccinated. The resolution of this pandemic is not a magic event where poof out of the hat its all over. Even if the impact on our health systems is over we as people need to come back and engage in the world on our own terms and that’s going to be a process.

Will we return to the per-pandemic normal with the experiences of the world no that normal doesn’t exist anymore. Its the new normal we are going to have to work together to define and welcome each other into. Lets take a step back to respecting that each of us will be going through a process to re-engage and re-integrate into the new world.
I respect you in your point of view of you including your views on COVID. All I ask is patience and regard with mine. I have other factors, asthma, etc where I want to take a bit longer and be careful. In time we’ll recreate our new normal.

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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