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The neuroscience of isolation: A trip to Antarctica can shrink ...

I am sometimes / generally unsympathetic about TAB’s, Temporarily Able Bodied People, experiences with the realities of life. Its striking that as we age the TAB’s are realizing that we are not that different after all, especially when things start breaking. With the Covit 19 pandemic we are all isolated and socializing and working from home. With sympathy welcome to my world.

This post was originally about how isolating winter can be for me. When people don’t shovel their snow or when there is black ice on the sidewalks its not very safe for me to commute on foot or via the bus. That and the winter darkness make it impossible to maintain my Independence

Before we were all isolated to our homes I was being driven to and from work. I work in a research park and because its more open the weather is different. Its colder and the wind is free to blow. That and there are no sidewalks from any of my bus options to the door of the building. My cataracts did return. Didn’t know that when the surgeon changes your lenses in your eyes to eliminate the cataracts. That they pulverize the existing lens and if they don’t get all of the bits the cataracts can return. Thankfully the fix for cataracts v2 is a laser and no needles. I was going to ask for my old lenses but thankfully I forgot.

I was struggling with commuting logistics anyway. Walking in a parking lot when its dark with people arriving or leaving work is profoundly dangerous. Drivers are distracted and their intent is to arrive or leave. Obstacles like very large humans are a secondary consideration. Recently I’ve been reading about the weaponization of cars, and the dehumanization of smaller cars and pedestrians. I’ve often told people that even though your blind you can’t be afraid to cross the street. I have become profoundly scared to cross the street. I make sure I am blatantly visible. I want an easy conversation in court when I’m suing you for damages that it was your inattention that caused my injuries. So if you run me over backup and make sure I’m dead.

Accommodation is an interesting thing. People talk about accommodating the disabled or those that are different. Its not the case. Turns out we have to accommodate you. Yes I carry a white cane to help me navigate and be safe. But its also intended to let you know that there is another human being that might need some extra consideration from time to time. I’ve given up on that notion. Most of the time people don’t know what the cane is or what its for. Most of the time the white cane scares people away, after all I’m carrying a big stick, and no I’m no compensating for something. Another frequent conversation. Turns out I have to accommodate the TAB’s.

So welcome to my world its hard not having Independence its hard being isolated. I really am blind and in some lighting conditions I don’t even know your there, unless of course your making noise or you smell. I’d love to talk to more of you but my isolation won’t end. Your’s well.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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