My Biosphere is Shrinking


I’ve been back in Alberta now since July 2009. Ironically even though I grew up here I’m allergic to absolutely everything; pollen, duet, mould, all the trees all the flowers. I’ve found that even though I grew up in a house with smokers I can’t tolerate cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke all on its own will put me in the hospital every time. Mould I’ve found out this week will as well, anaphylactic shock. This spring I’ve gone from puffers and asthma meds and allergy meds to more allergy meds and an epee pen. Oh Joy. Can you imagine me Mr I’m afraid of needles jamming a needle into my thigh. Well, I can. Breathing isn’t an option and a closing throat isn’t a lot of fun.


The Doctor this week told me that Alberta as a whole has the highest incidents of Asthma, among other things in the world. He used the words artificial cultivation. Frightening word. All the pesticides, fertilizers etc. Apparently the Oil & Gas production don’t help either. It is a frightening thing that our biosphere is changing and parts of it are becoming uninhabitable for some of us.


Smoking used to be an amazing thing that solidified relationships. I’m Metis and historically my people would smoke on a friendship, celebration or an agreement. Like many things in the modern world smoking has become perverted and is now grotesque. A dirty addiction that costs modern society billions of dollars in healthcare. I have to be awful smokers your dirty, you stink, you think nothing of leaving your butts anywhere, and the impact you have on others health is obscene. I read an article a few years ago that smokers are insane and they use nicotine to medicate themselves. I can totally buy in. Its a filthy dirty irresponsible thing.


I’m allergic to dogs, this is a horrible thing. I’ve had trouble with pets. I use a facial vision to see and the oil etc interferes with my ability to sense the world. I had a guide dog Oregon I still miss him very much. He was retired due to allergies of his own. I am now unfortunately very allergic to most dogs. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to use a guide again.


Its tragic really my daughter moved back home. Unfortunately she has dogs and smokes. I had to ask her to move out. A friend of mine suggests a respect agreement if she ever comes back. I’m not holding my breath. She came here for painting, she found she didn’t want parenting after all. Didn’t like what guidance I had for her I guess. Too much of the smoking and the dogs were impacting my health. I’ve had a horrible heath spring. They thought I had a stroke and my asthma has been insanely out of control. I’ve just finished spending ten thousand dollars on air filtration and cleaning to have an environment where I can live that is healthy for me. Its insane.


I have a new partner and were are still settling in merging stuff and creating our household. So far so good. Unfortunately she had a dog I am allergic to who had to find a new home. The dog was needing a new home anyway but the allergies clinched it. I’ll be writing more about allergies you can be sure.


I have to strongly endorse IQ Air systems. I have two floor standing models, one in my bedroom and one in my office. We just installed a whole house Perfect 16 yesterday. I’m literally high I’m getting so much more air now than I was before I’m light headed. Its awesome.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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