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I Lost My Voice


My apologies its been a terribly long time since I’ve written here.     Life is interesting, as always it remains magic.    I am divorced, again.    I’d be sorry to say, but I think it was the best thing for both of us, I know I am much happier.     I’ve moved a couple of times within Calgary and I have a new job.


I remain on the journey of finding my voice.  I’m working with a couple of singer song writers in my studio.  Were recording them and with any luck we’ll be able to do some of the projects I’ve had in mind for way too long.    Learning a lot of how we derail our dreams.   Its amazing how good we are as humans at not getting what we want.


I’ve been accepted into the Radio Broadcast program at SAIT in the fall.   One day you’ll hear me on the radio.    Its always been a fantasy of mine to have long time friends wake up in the morning to my voice.


I did an informational interview at the local country station, I must have a good voice as they put me on air.   The unfortunate thing being blind is I can’t see the script.   The on-air announcer asked me on air to do a commercial.    Handed me the script and on air there is me going “ah” not so much.    It was fantastic.      We had to explain I was blind to the audience but it was all good.


I’m still working on voice over for acting and commercials and phone systems.   Its slow but its coming.   Its amazing how we learn and how we learn how to interpret and see or in this case hear new things.


I have a family again.   If you’ve read you know I was separated from my kids due to divorce and stupidity.    My daughter is back in my life with a boyfriend.   They are currently living with me in Calgary.   Its amazing to go from a house of one to a house of five including two dogs.    Its been a time of adjustment for sure but lovely.     The migration from Seattle to Calgary was interesting.   I don’t drive so I recruited two friends to help with the drive.    Thank goodness they drive but man it was like herding cats.    We are still working out the kinks in the house but its close.   The one driver had stipulations, no sleeping on the floor, no sharing a bed with another driver and there was no way in hell he was loading the truck.    He didn’t say anything about unloading but he didn’t help with that either.


I am always surprised at how many people one read the blog and two try to stop me from writing the blog.   More recently it was back to embarrassing and disappointing, and I don’t want to see myself in a blog post.   Or “I’ll kill you” which I think was rhetorical as I’m still alive.    Removing those negative influences is a good thing and I’m working on surrounding myself with much more supportive people.    With luck I’m back.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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