Assaulted on Calgary Transit 301


I live in the very far north part of Calgary, it takes me two buses to get from my home to work in downtown Calgary. The shuttle bus I use is bad enough the Route 420 is served generally only once an hour and the size of the bus used on the route variable on what I don’t know. I was so close to people the other day I made it to second base with a young lady and a middle aged drunk who’s names I’ll never know. The lack of personal space and dignity on the Route 420 is appalling.

I am lucky enough to have a wife that loves to drive me to the Calgary LRT, thankfully. This week our car has been in the shop fort some repairs and this has forced me to ride the Calgary Transit Route 301. The 301 is designed to be an alternative to an LRT route which I’m sure the city can’t afford. The 301 is generally serviced with extended accordion bus’s but frankly there is so much demand the frequency and the size of the bus doesn’t do much to provide a service above cattle hauling.

The 301 services neighbourhoods that are supposed to be made up of middle class people but the lack of quality service has lowed these riders to no more than inner city white trash thugs. Getting on the bus over the past few days has been traumatic. Running with the commuting bulls requires aggression fortitude and a general lack of concern or respect for anyone else. Its so bad the other day I let 5 full buses go by before I risked the melee.

Today I tired a trick suggested by a colleague. Walk across a parking lot which is life threatening all on its own and get to another stop to try and get on the bus before its jammed full of the ignorant swine commuters. So with white cane in hand I ventured across the parking lot nearly getting hit at lease once by a car too hurried to care about a pedestrian and made it to the alternate bus stop. There the people mulled like bees to find a place to best position themselves to get on the magic bus. My white cane was meaningless being stepped over and kicked out of the way. As if that wasn’t enough people were so frenzied on getting on the bus, that wasn’t even there, I was pushed and pulled and kicked out of the way.

When the bus came the awaiting frenzied mob of commuters went wild. Jumping over each other like sheep to get on that bus, get a seat at all costs, get on that bus at all costs. The rest of you be damned. I had no choice but to follow in with the herd there was no where else to go. This mass of humanity moving forward pushing into the hole which is the folding door of the awaiting cattle carrier. My white cane was useless but with so many so close there was no need for it anyway. The 301 was jammed pack as always, full of squished together people like the stinky little fishes stuffed in a sardine can.

This same crowd has absolutely no courtesy on the bus. They will not move to make room, they will not go to the back of the bus so more can enter the cattle wagon of a bus They will not make way for mothers or the elderly or the disabled. They only rush forward in their frenzied commuting orgy.

Calgary Transit Route 301 doesn’t serve a middle class population with courtesy and manners and concern for others. The Route 301 serves a herd of inconsiderate thugs that would be the pride of any inner city in the worst parts of the world. These are not Calgarians who are supposed to be friendly and helpful, these are not the Calgarians I knew when I lived here in my youth.

Shame on you, Calgary Transit for the lack of decent service, commuters for behaving like cattle.

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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