Bah Humbug!!!

I hate Christmas!! Well that’s not true. I in fact I love Christmas!!! I love bells and the lights the sounds the energy the joy. I totally love singing Christmas carols!! Oh did I mention I really really miss my Grandma’s Pink Popcorn Balls. I’ve even played Santa at a few corporate events in the past. Its a great thing to play Santa and build the magic for the wee ones of all ages. I do believe in Santa or the spirit of Christmas. I like to think I’m one of Santa’s helpers.

So why Bah Humbug. Well I hate putting up Christmas trees. I will put up the tree and even struggle with the lights on the tree. But the decorations just kill me. Visually they are like a million needles in my eyes. Dealing with that much visual data is physically painful. So much so. I haul the boxes in from the garage set up the tree plug the lights in and run.

Its like going to that very cool light display at the park. People ask what can you see. I generally say lights. I’ll ask them what do they see? Its far more enjoyable for me to see the display through others eyes. A ton less pain and much more meaningful for me. Its back to that problem of no common point of reference to describe visual experiences. My visual experiences being so far out of the “norm” that its hard for people to relate to it at all. If you want me to figure out the shape or admire the display in detail, well just don’t. It hurts me physically its like poking me with needles in my eyes. Tell me about it hug me and I’ll love you forever.

I am talking death of a thousand tiny razor blades in my head. Its way too much work.

When I can take a Christmas ornament on its own minus the tree and minus the other ornaments. I can admire the coolness of the design etc. . You put that ornament with tinsel and a bunch of other ornaments and I can’t see it at all.

Ornaments are very cool. I love them and they really signify love for me and when I share an ornament with you be honored. My favorite decoration shop was on Front Street in Toronto, they had some very very cool glass. Every year at Christmas I’d buy my Children an ornament. They now have enough to decorate their own tree.

My Fiance and our daughters put up the tree last week. Its been a week and I am just starting to figure out that there are ornaments on the tree. By the time the tree comes down in another two or three weeks. I’ll be able to see probably half of the ornaments. Not the detail just the fact that they are there.

So Best of the Season to you and yes your tree is lovely!!

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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