I love a good shave. I love the experience of having an experienced barber shave me. There is nothing like it. I had a father and son team of barbers. I would let the son cut my hair but I’d only let the father shave me.

The father was fantastic. He’d wash your face then wrap it in a hot towel and let you rest in the chair for a few moments. This opens up the pours of your skin and provides for a very close shave. Next he’d lather you and let it sit for a moment and wipe it off. Then the hot towel again. Then the later came and the first round of shaving. Not with a lame multi-blade or safety razor. No with a good old fashioned straight razor. Always always respect your barber. After the first shave another lathing and then the final shave. I wouldn’t have to shave after this for three days. Finally the aftershave. Closes the pours and protects the skin.
I tried to learn to shave with a straight blade razor. My daughter came and watched for a few moments then ran away in terror. My daughter went to her mother and with alarm told her mom that dad was bleeding. Mom asked did Dad send you? My daughter said well no, Mom indicated that I was probably fine then. Needless to say I don’t shave with a straight blade.
It is unfortunate that the multi-blade systems are putting the barbers out of business. I’m not sure there is even a barber school in North America that teaches shaving anymore.
Personal grooming is always exciting. I can’t see my face when I shave. So its all about maps and patterns. You have to rely on your experience and the many cuts you’ve inflicted on yourself over the years to shave. I do shave in front of a mirror. Why I don’t know. Its where the sink is I guess. But my eyes are closed. I always make sure I have a clean sharp blade I change it once a week.
My shaving gear is from “The Art of Shaving” and depending where you live they have shaves and haircuts available.
I use a badger hair brush and a five blade razor it does the trick. Its nothing like having an experienced barber shave you but it gets the job done.
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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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