Strabismus Surgery Update

Its been a few weeks now since my surgery, I feel great. The pain was significantly less than I had expected I have been pleasantly surprised. I’m trying to get glasses post surgery since that’s how this whole journey started. Glasses are a separate adventure. The surgery went great. My post surgical appointment was flawless.

From my surgery I have a new found respect for totals.    After my surgery
it wasn’t that I couldn’t use my eyes its just I really didn’t want to. I was functionally totally blind for a couple of days and I have a new found respect for total blindness.  All of you totals have my profound respect. What I realized is that the world is slower when your total.   You can’t always quickly get up and go or get up and do.  You are much more methodical and calculated in your actions always looking for context and meaning before jumping in.   I liked it.

The whole recovery experience made me realize that the sighted world is fast and furious. My world is much slower. I must build content and experience before I can function. When I’m total which happens more than I want to admit I have to be even more calculated to make sure I am safe and know what I’m doing. My competitive advantage still is once I have the context and experience to do something I can generally do it faster than sighted people.

The surgery is part cosmetic. It is nice to not have people look at your wondering eye’s and think less of you. I’m not saying I want to hide my disability. What I am saying is having a facial disability is in my opinion harder than being blind. People don’t treat you like your human. So my profoundest appreciation to those who live daily with a facial disability or deformity. People are ignorant and not kind. My vision has changed and my functional abilities will increase due to a significant reduction in pain and fatigue but also a better aligned visual image. My eyes don’t play well together anyway but having them at a truce is better than seeing two entirely different things or so different you have to process every bit of visual information to make any sense of it all

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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