The Parental Alienation Opera

If you’ve been reading you’ve undoubtable read about my issues with having a relationship with my children. Also many of you have found your way here by searching for topics related to: unaccompanied children traveling alone, parental interference and parental alienation.

I am here to tell you that this issue doesn’t only happen to the disabled. My wife’s ex is at every turn working to ensure that there is absolutely no contact between my wife and her children. We love our children very much all four of them be they biological or step in label. The issues we’ve had with seeing our children have been and continue to be absolutely amazingly insane.

My wife and I are the victims of narcissistic psychotics. The narcissist is an interesting creature. At its core is a very very insecure child who is very much not aware of its own actions let alone the implications of those actions. They are immoral seriously even if they practice a religion they use that religion to coerce, manipulate and control. Someone who has no forgiveness for themselves and no introspection whatsoever is technically psychotic.

It took me a year to negotiate the protocol for minor children to travel to and from Canada and the US, unaccompanied, with my wife’s ex. Follow the link at the bottom of blog post to download the document. Every time visitation comes up I have to get a lawyer involved to get the travel authorization letter. It’s seriously insane. My wife and I love all of our children and love to see them. We’d actually love to have them all with us full time, likely no. It’s time to pursue this course though, we’ve been too patient with Narcissists that don’t get it.

A Narcissist will brain wash a child and tell that child that the other parent doesn’t love them. The Narcissist will play the victim and leverage community family friends, anyone to perpetuation their self fallacy. The Narcissist can’t even fathom why their marriage ended and their spouse moved away and remarried. They are incapable of perceiving anything with themselves or within themselves that would explain why they’ve been left. They use the children during the marriage to coerce manipulate and control the unhappy partner. The messaging is clear, “if you leave me you’ll never see the children again!!!”.

The Narcissist promotes the children, the children become equals to the unhappy parent and feel entitle to punish the parent. The child will engage in conversions, “papa didn’t mean to hurt you!!”, “papas sorry!!”, “I won’t love you unless you go back to papa”. The big problem with Narcissism is the parental interference and parental alienation that it fosters. Trust me the trauma and emotional abuse and torture you suffer at the hands of a Narcissist is significant.. It will probably take me the rest of my life to get over the emotional abuse I experienced in my first marriage. The children become so accustom to the messaging they think the messages are their own, the idea’s their own. The hatred resentment for the parent who left their own and not the Narcissistic coercing parents. The children don’t realize until life intervenes or counselling that they’ve been used they are nothing more than a pawn. The Narcissist at the end of the day doesn’t even love themselves or like who they are. The Narcissist doesn’t love the child, the child will be used up and tossed aside at the appropriate time in life.

Here we are trying to see children and being thwarted at every turn, and why. The protocol that I developed is clear. Once notice is given of leveraging parental time a travel authorization letter is issued for the date of that travel in the parenting plan. Or that’s the way you’d think it would work if you were dealing with someone who truly loved the children and acknowledged and supported the child’s right to have a relationship with both parents. Too much too ask? Apparently….

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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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