I hate drugs be they prescription or recreational.  I have come to accept the prescription variety.  Pain or a threat of a shortened lifespan are amazing motivators in seeking out treatment and ultimately be willing to accept medications in your world.

As an individual I use every ounce of my abilities to get through the day.   Intellectual, emotional, and physical, I don’t understand the appeal of the “rush” thing that the addicts love. I find it disturbing.   I hate it.  Not my thing.   I like to say I ride the razor blades edge of functionality and capability and I personally don’t like anything taking away from that delicate balance.  The fog of a pain killer or medication can be frustrating    No matter how bad things appear to be.  I don’t like anything messing with my “control” of my world.   I’m laughing as I’ve come to realize there is ultimately very little in the way of control that we actually have over our world.    I am a believer in “God” fate and the universe.    I find the impacts of a medication as I have not tried recreational drugs impedes my adaptive capabilities. The side effects of the medications more often than not leave me grumpy and less able to handle stress. When my abilities are impacted more often than not I find it upsetting.   Not matter the cause.   Ultimately negatively impacting my ability to work and participate in relationships that are meaningful to me. That aside I am finding as I grow older and have less energy.  The symptoms of my allergies and back issues must be handled with medication to limit the impact on my adaptive and visual capabilities to function.    Its always amazing to me when I take a major pain killer and because of the amount of pain don’t recognize or feel any impact from a drug that would without pain put me to sleep for an afternoon.
Drugs are problematic for me as a blind person.  I can’t see the package.   For prescription drugs this is generally not an issue as the Pharmacist will generally walk me through the procedure and answer any questions I have.   The over the counter variety on the other hand are particularly dangerous.   I am dependent on someone to tell me about them and use technology to read the package.     This is where I will get into trouble occasionally.     I like many others forget.   In the heat of the moment I am likely to give an estimated dosage as I really can’t see the dispenser thingy if it’s a liquid.   The same thing with pills really, if I am used to a particular dosage then I will treat any bottle of that drug with the same behavior.    I got into trouble recently when my wife bought extra strength dosages of a mediation I was taking.  I didn’t know so I was effectively taking doubled the dosage not a good thing.  I am looking into devices and alternatives as my sighted person or other technology is not always available.
The logistics of getting a prescription are not trivial.   A person blind or not needs to make his or her way to the doctor, get a diagnosis, get a prescription, then fill the prescription.   The travel issues for me with this are expensive and time consuming.   By now I’ve already spent a couple of hundred dollars in cab fare depending on where these services are in relation to me my residence my work my regular transportation.   Refilling a prescription is an equal pain.   Or getting an over the counter remedy expensive high energy and time consuming.    If I’m the one in need its even worse.   Please don’t get me wrong I don’t discount the value of medications. They help me with my allergies, my back pain, my asthma, and my eye strain when it gets very bad. I do value western medicine but for me I like a bit of the blend between east and west. Don’t discount a good message or acupuncture.
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Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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