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BlindManCan started for me in 2008 as a place to reach out to others in my immediate and extended family impacted by Ocular Albinism and blindness. The topics remain safely swept under the rug in my family of origin, I am the rebel the activist who is speaking out and sharing my story and what I’ve learned. A disability can be catastrophic to a family. To a parent of a child who gives birth to a disabled baby, the parent of the disabled baby, the disabled baby, siblings of the disabled baby, siblings of the parent and siblings of the parents parent. Its all a becomes a dirty little secret.

A group not broadly considered in any of the disability literature I’ve encountered are the children of the disabled person. My children have been significantly impacted by my disability. By the possibility of having a disabled child and the decisions that forces on a person. Not wanting to live a life supporting a disabled person, me, or feeling the total rejection of not wanting their life spent supporting me.

I’ve chronicled my journey coming “out” blind learning to live with my disability openly, in the pages of this blog. Being “out” blind has changed my whole life. I grew up hidden hiding my disability being “out” and open about disability is very provocative at times. I’ve alienated, distanced, disconnected, angered, so many people from my past. Going forward there are many that I’d love to reconnect with but many who want to take care of me, use me to feel good about themselves, or enable a hidden disability I’d rather not see again.

BlindManCan has transferred and metamorphosed as I’ve grown personally. As I’ve written and as my life has changed I’ve grown and hopefully my perspective on disability will be more meaningful to you. I hope that I show that we disabled people are not freaks of nature, that we can be and are productive members of our community and society, that we have a meaningful life and can contribute meaningful things. I hope to show you that its not a dirty thing or bad thing to be friends, colleagues, lovers, spouse, partners, family with a disabled person. We are not here to hurt you.

BlindManCan started as a dialogue on my personal experience with blindness, it became a dialogue on blindness, then disability. The writing I have done is showing me that BlindManCan is really becoming a dialogue on the human condition.

I hope you’ll visit often. I’d also love to hear from you, drop me a line on the contract page.

Kyle, The BlindMan, Who Can or Will Find a Way[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]