People don’t get it. If you don’t look or act a certain way then you can’t be. I don’t look blind and most of the time am fairly highly functional. I have had a successful career although with the economy that is no longer true.

People like to push you around like to determine what you can and can’t do. People are so inflexible in their thinking. Well, if he can do this then naturally he can do that. Which isn’t the case at all. There are times I can do something and times I can’t and most definitely it doesn’t naturally extend that because I can do one thing I can do another. I’ve said it before if you want to determine what I can and can’t do and what I can see let’s go for a drive in your car. Because naturally if I can do what you expect I can drive can’t I?

For me its safety first.

My advocacy always starts with safety. People don’t get it that if there are boxes in the hall or clutter or things are stored all over the place or if photo copiers or printers are in the way that that is an issue. Its worse than a rats maze its hell and if you can’t see it its just dangerous. When you change the rats maze then its untenable unmanageable and unsafe.

I’m dealing with a situation where my rats nest is unsafe because of clutter construction and people moving big boxes or bits and pieces around. I requested a safe place to be and was called “ungrateful”. I couldn’t believe it. The situation continued with we “are” moving you back to your rat hole before the construction is done. No discussion. I had to escalate I had to escalate through the organization to an external body.

During my escalation of the issue I was told that rocking the boat is a career limiting move. In good economic times I would have been the rat and jumped ship already. I can say from experience it is the worst thing working for an employer that isn’t empathetic to your situation.

I used to try an advocate for a level playing field where all things being equal. In my age wisdom and school of hard knocks its not possible. Everyone has gifts talents and deficits that make it impossible. Its much more about a group coming together to accomplish something, finding common ground, and getting it done. Its what I miss about doing theatre or opera. A group of talented diverse sometimes strange people get together make something awesome happen then go their own way.

At this point I just want to keep my J.O.B. until I find a new one. Live in as much piece as possible and hopefully accomplish something. I’m not holding my breath. As I’ve found out that my superiors and others have been discussing my situation openly in the workplace saying things like I’m making too much of the issue or he doesn’t have that much trouble. I am marginalized. Very disappointing.

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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