Blindness is Subject Forbidden

A friend of mine seen the blog in its early days and said you can’t write about that. A topic like blindness is forbidden.

I understand. Society is so limited by herd mentality. You as an individual may know something or accept something that the group or the herd does not. Effectively you as an individual are limited in your expression of thought and action by the limitations of the group or herd.

None of us want to deal with or talk about subjects that are troubling or uncomfortable. All of us have resistance to dealing with things we don’t understand or threaten us and our view of ourselves.

Its like talking about drugs or sex with our children. People are uncomfortable with it and because we don’t prepare our children for these realities our children suffer. All because we are uncomfortable to deal with the topic. I have written many posts about my family of origins issues with discussing blindness. The result is the same there are many of us not prepared for the realities of our disability because no one is willing to talk about it. So there are many occasions where I’m the sheep gone wrong BAH.

The only way you can change something is to talk about it. Only when you talk about it can you accept it. Only when you accept it can you deal with it or change it. All of us who are parents go through that initial rage and disbelief when our children have a sleep over with their intimate buddy. As an aside I am going to rot in hell for laughing at a couple of my very good friends when their kids had company in bed in the morning. I know revenge will be sweet for my friends.

I am proud of my Mom. My Mom’s family is Metis and my Mom through living and sharing her culture is now being asked to be a leader and an advocate for her people. One day perhaps my musings over blindness will make me an advocate for those that are different. Talking about the plight and treatment of indigenous people has also been a subject forbidden for too long. For now the reason I talk about blindness is so those locked in silence will have a voice to hear and have some reassurance that their path of discovery has been walked before.

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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